how we work and who we are?


MenaGurus consists of 8 investors 3 Egyptians and 5 Saudi Arabians nationals. All 8 members are veterans of the ICT sector with average of 25 years experiences for each member that is to say that the collective experiences of the group is over 200 years!...

Our network deliberately does not include companies, institutions or funds; it is our intention to invest our personal money and leverage our experience and network to benefit the startups in which we invest.


MenaGurus's investors convenes once a quarter to review 10 business pitches. Afterwards interested investors are invited to engage directly with entrepreneurs to carry out due diligence, negotiate investment terms and legal documents. 

MenaGurus's investors invest their personal money, in return for an equity stake in the business we always seek a minority stake, not more than 30%. Our usual investment ticket range between 20K USD to a maximum of 400K USD. Commonly a group of investors will cooperate on a deal to share experience and due diligence workload. We are typically looking for 3-5 times the investments over a period of 3-5 years.

MenaGurus cooperates with incubators, accelerators and universities from allover MENA with focus on Cairo, Jeddah and Beirut. We are also approached directly and through our investors members and network.

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Yes we do in some are of stratigic importance to us like: Cyber Security ecosystem, Financial technologies, Shared Economy solutions and in E Commerce, MenaGurus is planning to establish its own companies,acquiring rival companies and buying startups.

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